Arizona Portals

All portal patterns are inspired by Nature. These unique images are captured on our adventures deep with the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Each portal will assist you in activating and accelerating your self awareness.

Blue Lupine 01Blue Lupine Portal 

This Arizona Lupine was found at one of our favorite spot to hike in Spur Cross, Cave Creek. This flowering plant is native to the Sonoran Desert and you can also discover them in open fields and sandy washes of the desert.

Wild Cucumber 01Wild Cucumber Portal 

The Wild Cucumber is a vine that grows along washes in the desert. This image was created on a hike at the Jewel of the Creek, Spur Cross in Cave Creek, AZ. Typically you can find them under large mesquite trees or growing along side other plants.  

Saltcedar 01bSaltceder Portal 

The Saltcedar is a large fast growing shrub or small tree that is extremely invasive to the Sonoran Desert. Often taking over large riparian communities by sequestering salt in their foliage. We focused on he Saltcedar because of its nature in the wild and how it acts around other plant life. We learn a lot about ourselves through our relationship with plants. 

Saguaro Spines 01Spines Portal 

The Saguaro cacti was always a magical totem to the Southwest. Arizona is home to the largest area of  Saguaro cactus in the World. The spines of this cactus grow rapidly daily, they are used to protect the Saguaro from the harsh desert Sun and other aggressive predators.

Fairyduster 01Fairy Duster Portal 

The Fairy Duster is a low growing shrub that is native to the Sonoran Desert. We found this beauty growing within the urban setting of Scottsdale. The flower which arrives around late winter and spring have a dense cluster of pink stamens and does not last long during the dry spells. 

Beads on Grass Portal 

The wild grass of Arizona grows fast during the monsoon season. The grass helps keep moisture on the ground for other low growth shrubs and tress. Green grass is rare, but during monsoon season you can find it carpeting hiking trails all over the state. 

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