Black & White Portals

All portal patterns are inspired by Nature. These unique images are captured on our adventures deep with the Hawaiian environment. Each portal will assist you in activating and accelerating your self awareness.

bb09453dc26b8739ddbd39992ef94361Crater Crack Portal

Hiking within Kīlauea Iki Crater in Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii you will walk over the 1959 lava flow. Watch your step because here you will find cracks and crevasses all along the trail. Here is where we found this creative crack portal. 

20465b1ff6d33fb71b88c881a6ac4829Fern Tree Portal 

Along the creator rim trail in Volcano National Park you will hike through some of the wildest fern forest on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is where we found the inspiration to this classic portal. 

9ba9c10a375cd58e9c6764a6a5bf025bTaro Portal 

 This portal was created deep within the Puna jungle along the coastline, where wet land taro grows naturally. The Hawaiian people have been cultivating this plant from thousands of years. It is the staple to there culture and spirit.

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