Hawaii Portals

All portal patterns are inspired by Nature. These unique images are captured on our adventures deep with the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Each portal will assist you in activating and accelerating your self awareness.

8639f320770359494f11c6b088628769Spider Lilly Portal 

The slider lily or hurricane lily flowers in the late summer after a heavy rain storms. This colorful portal image was created on the Hamakua coast of Hawaii. 

2330d1247fbd6a8d397ddae2cb463953Hibiscus Pop Portal

There are several hundred species of Hibiscus flowers in the World, but this image was created on Kona side of the Big Island.

20a5e9591f0f904e5efaa7d7d01e8d58Pink Hibiscus Portal 

The Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower, a very powerful and magical flower. This pretty in pink portal was created on the Hamakua coast of the Big Island in my friend’s backyard.

5a339537e749a471ef5a92c529bb1331Star Flower Potral 

This star flower is a unique and very hardy plant that can be grown at any level. Also this flower is called ”Egyptian Starflowers”.  We found this plant near The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens outside of Hilo. 

4f4d8f1c6a1ae798f80e8095d5cbcbe0Love Flower Portal 

This lovely flower is a lily. Some species are commonly known as “Lily of the Nile”. The portal was discovered at the Nani Mau Gardens outside of Hilo, Hawaii. 

SKY BLOOMHamakua Sky Portal

Hamakua meaning “The Breath of God” is a magical place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here you will find yourself embraced by the cleanest air in the World. This image was created from the skyline.

purple leafOyster Plant Portal 

 The Oyster plant has a vibrant color when wet from the rain. This image was captured at the The Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo. Dedicated to the history of the April 1, 1946 Pacific tsunami and the May 23, 1960 Chilean tsunami which devastated lots of the eastern coast of the Big Island, Hilo.

10562927_548961561875692_4674602611600247541_nPlumeria Portal 

The Plumeria flowers are most fragrant during the evening hours in order to lure in the Sphinx moth. The moth will assist the flower in pollination. These bright yellow plumerias were found near the Halawa valley bay on Molokai, Hawaii. 

00029Lehua Portal 

The Lehua flower  is the official flower of the Big Island. This flower grows on the ‘Ōhi’a tree and the “Lehua” is the bright red blooming flower from the tree. The image comes from within the Kīlauea Iki Crater in Volcano National Park. At the bottom of the creator is an epic lone tree sitting in the middle of the lava flats. 

00019Garden Croton Portal 

The cultivated garden crotons are usually smaller and come in an amazing diversity of leaf shapes and colors. This portal was discovered on Ali’i Drive where the major shopping and restaurants are located in Kona.

0007Star Fire Portal

Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora – Montbretia, also called “Star of the East”. This vibrant orange flower blooms year round in our yard in Mountain View, Hawaii. 

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