Organic Cotton Shirts

The 11th Loop shirt is a “trackable shirt” made from 100% organic cotton grown in the United States. 

Each portal pattern is hand stitched with organic cotton thread on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Small Shirts   $60

12-4401 Hoonone Road-912-4401 Hoonone Road-21Broken Loop

Legend of the broken loop allows energy to flow in and out of the cycle. Energize the Earth!


12-4401 Hoonone Road-8

12-4401 Hoonone Road-21

Heart Journey

Lead with your heart. The journey is full of twists and turns. Believe in Yourself!


12-4401 Hoonone Road-7

12-4401 Hoonone Road-21

Sun-kissed Shark

Night is your time to shine. Sharks feed and Plumerias become more fragrant. Life becomes a New Nocturnal Discovery. Night Life!


12-4401 Hoonone Road-3

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1

Path Protector

You are on the right path. Now it is time you lead others. Believing in your followers & having compassion is key. Never Give Up!





12-4401 Hoonone Road-4

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1

Pele’s Journey

The Shark led Pele and her family to the Islands. Sharks have been living in Earth’s oceans for over 350 million years. Time to Travel!







12-4401 Hoonone Road-6

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1

Merlin’s Magic

 You now have the armor you will need to go into battle with the forces of darkness. Be the Light!






12-4401 Hoonone Road-2

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1

Infinite Passion

This shirt is built to enhance any relationship. Our Cuddle shirt will have give you soft comfort and custom style. Make Passionate Love!


12-4401 Hoonone Road-10

12-4401 Hoonone Road-11

Travel Bug

Traveling is in the blood, never look back, keep pushing on. The trail is long and harsh. Take a Hike!


12-4401 Hoonone Road-1212-4401 Hoonone Road-13

Back Up

Simple on the front, complex on the back. People follow the leader, so now they will have something to look at when you lead the pack

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1412-4401 Hoonone Road-21Star Duster

The power of one is within you. Manfesit these days into the infinite beauty you wish to become. Space Out!


 12-4401 Hoonone Road-1512-4401 Hoonone Road-21Healing Heart

The best way to face any situation is with Love. This portal placed on the heart to super charge your Heart Journey.

12-4401 Hoonone Road-1612-4401 Hoonone Road-17Broken Dreams

Awaken into this World we call reality. Try to remember your dreams. What do you dream of?


12-4401 Hoonone Road-20

12-4401 Hoonone Road-21



Before all big movements you have a scout. Someone to check the trail and make sure the coast is clear. Awaken the Time is Now!





12-4401 Hoonone Road-25

12-4401 Hoonone Road-36










The Power of OneSOLD


Big WaveSOLD


The NaturalSOLD


Portal Path – SOLD


Shark ShirtSOLD


Sunset PalmSOLD

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Portal PrinceSOLD

DSC_0125     DSC_0131

Earth DiamondSOLD


Fern Prince – SOLD


Sun Prince – SOLD


Shoulder Check – SOLD


Island Love – SOLD



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